Aveng in the News

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06 October 2006MEDIAAveng -- Holcim and EnviroServ from joint venture
09 September 2015MEDIAWind farm built by Aveng now operational
18 February 2005MEDIAAnalysts comment on Aveng merger of Grinaker LTA
25 November 2014MEDIAAveng Trident Steel wins Gold
05 November 2009MEDIAAveng has African growth plans
04 February 2011MEDIAProbe into bid rigging by building firms with Aveng CEO...
24 April 2007MEDIAAveng CEO comments on Holcim disposal
03 April 2003MEDIAAveng says steel industry will be affected by war
11 September 2012MEDIASAISC - Steel Awards - winners
11 March 2008MEDIAAveng confident it will win nuclear contract
15 May 2007MEDIAAveng to return Holcim proceeds to investors
10 September 2002MEDIAAveng ups annual EPS by 17%
23 October 2009MEDIAAveng order book rises to R31,3bn
07 March 2006MEDIAAveng notes lack of skill in construction industry
19 August 2015MEDIAConstruction group reports decline
16 October 2009MEDIAAveng positive about recovery prospects
27 October 2015MEDIAAveng - results of annual general meeting
09 September 2010MEDIAAveng to offer solutions for the mine water threat
04 August 2003MEDIAAveng to own 100% of McConnell Dowell's shares
25 February 2014MEDIAAveng Group Interim Results
09 April 2009MEDIAAveng is cash-flush
29 January 2002MEDIAAveng--Grinaker consortium to build Sasol pipeline
09 September 2010MEDIAConstruction Ahead
13 September 2005MEDIAAveng grows revenue by 15%
18 September 2006MEDIAAnalysts say Holcim price tag is too good for Aven
20 January 2000MEDIAJSE authorises Aveng share buybacks
08 March 2005MEDIAAveng CEO comments on results and future prospects
22 October 2014MEDIAInstallation at Roy Hill
26 October 2009MEDIAAveng grow solid order book
06 September 2002MEDIAAveng expected to release good results
23 June 2011MEDIAFinancial Mail : Top Companies survey
24 April 2007MEDIAFund manager comments on Aveng's proposed disposal
30 April 2004MEDIAAveng BEE deal could be largest in industry
06 February 2013MEDIARoger Jardine Statement to Media
20 June 2008MEDIAAveng subsidiary involved in Angloplat projects
15 May 2007MEDIAAveng CEO comments on Holcim sale
22 October 2009MEDIAFNB Stadium 'the best stadium'
07 March 2006MEDIAAveng's headline earnings rise 52%
18 August 2015MEDIA Aveng confirms big job cuts as it reports R578m loss
04 February 2011MEDIAAveng co-operates with bid probe
02 November 2015MEDIAAVENG LIMITED - Director's dealing in securities
10 September 2012MEDIAAveng invests in factory capacity
14 October 2003MEDIAAveng to develop fresh empowerment strategy
26 February 2014MEDIAAveng Results Announcement Coverage
24 June 2010MEDIAAveng ranked twelfth in FM Top Companies survey
20 February 2002MEDIAAveng and construction stocks benefit from budget
08 September 2010MEDIAAveng expects 2011 to be difficult, but has 'healthy' R31bn backlog
13 September 2005MEDIAAveng's CE comments on final results
18 September 2006MEDIAAnalysts say Aveng should sell Holcim
08 March 2005MEDIAAveng reports a 55% rise in HEPS